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Good day to you.

My name is W. C. Turner, and I serve as pastor of Mt. Level Missionary Baptist Church.  No doubt you have seen our facility when you turned the corner at Denfield Street and Hebron Road.  Perhaps you have wondered whether you are welcome.  I want to assure you that you are.

Mt. Level has been in the community historically known as Milllgrove since the 1940s.  Having its origin at the edge of Durham and Granville counties, it was forced to move to this location when the army bought land for Camp Butner. Scarcely did we know the day would come when we would be located in such a beautiful community with such wonderful opportunities to render service.

We are committed Christians who believe our mission under God includes serving our community.  Currently we are involved in a development program that will enable us to extend the mission more fully.  We welcome you to make physical and virtual visits to this church.  If you are in need of a spiritual home, give prayer consideration to joining us as disciples of Jesus Christ.  If you have a home and are looking to enhance this community, please consider ways to do that with us as well.

We are lovers of all God’s people.  Our commitment is to do all within our power to resource and strengthen families, enrich the lives of the young, and support the aged.  We do not construe our mission narrowly.  Rather, we understand it to encompass the broadest dimensions of personal and corporate life: worship, work, education, recreation; social, political and economic concerns.

None of us exist on an island.  Together we seek with the help of God to make life better for us all.  If you visit our website you may wish to scroll to the numerous tabs that will enable you to know us more fully.  Feel free to come on Sundays and at any other times events are scheduled.  Pay attention to the marquee in front of the church for information concerning the regular and special events that are scheduled.  May the blessings of God be upon you.

316 Hebron Road
Durham, NC 27704
PHONE: (919) 477- 3893
Dr. William C. Turner Jr., Pastor

Sunday School: 9:30 am
Worship :  7:55 & 10:45 am
Messiah's House (2nd & 5th Sunday)
​Youth Church (3rd Sunday)

Prayer and Bible Study: 12 Noon
Prayer and Praise:  6:30 pm
Evening Bible Study: 7:00 pm